Advanced Carbon Fiber Materials and Products Technology Brief Introduction of Advanced Carbon Fiber Materials and Products Technology

2019-09-17 15:39:54 58

1. Carbon fibers are made up of carbon elements. They have the characteristics of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. They are important materials for spacecraft manufacturing. They have both the inherent characteristics of carbon fibers and the softness and processability of textile fibers. It has been more than 100 years since the advent of carbon fibers.

2. The products made by the combination of Toray carbon fiber precursor and high strength lightweight epoxy resin are perfect in quality, strength, texture and appearance. We cooperate with the matrix of rubber coat, vacuum bag pressing and forming technology to reduce bubbles and edges when making special-shaped parts. Easy to demould once, now we have exported to the United States and Germany and other automotive motorcycle fields. According to different fields and requirements, RTM and other forming processes can be used.

3. The downstream application industry in carbon fiber field is currently applied in military aviation accessories, electronic products and shells, sports goods, wind power and medical devices. Carbon fibers can be seen everywhere, from the carbon cell phone shell to the space shuttle. So carbon fiber is an advanced composite material that the country must compete for!