Application of Carbon Fiber Composites in Different LED Display Box

2019-09-17 15:44:34 27
    From the high-end aerospace applications to the daily civil technology fields, CFRP not only fully demonstrates the unique characteristics of high strength and light weight of CFRP, but also has the designability of composite materials, which to a certain extent meets the application requirements of lightweight in different fields. Following is a brief introduction to the application of carbon fiber composites in different fields, aiming at the specific application form of box.

         Carbon Fiber LED Display Box


      G0Vision LED in the United States is the first manufacturer to apply carbon fiber composite materials to LED display boxes. A typical carbon fiber display box is introduced. The thickness of the box is only 10 mm and the weight is only 10 pounds. Compared with the traditional LED display box weighing 80 pounds, the obvious weight reduction can effectively solve some field installation problems of LED display due to site conditions or load limitations.

      Recently, some domestic LED display manufacturers are also actively promoting the application of carbon fiber LED display boxes. For example, a manufacturer launched ultra-thin carbon fiber LED boxes mainly for rental business. The weight of a single box is only 3.6Kg, one person can carry it by one hand, which is convenient for transportation and assembly. The fabrication accuracy of this carbon fiber box is as high as 0.1 mm, and the thinnest thickness of the box is only 11.5 mm, which can realize seamless splicing. It can be hoisted, mounted, and spliced with internal and external arcs. It can pull out any box from the whole screen before and after, so it is very easy to maintain.

      Carbon fiber intelligent suitcase

      In October 2016, the world's first carbon fiber smart suitcase was released at 100% design exhibition in London, UK. The design concept of this suitcase originated from Audi's leading ultratechnology. It was the first time to adopt the original dual U-shaped Al-Mg alloy skeleton structure, and the part of the suitcase was made of aviation grade carbon fiber composite materials. The combination of Al-Mg alloy skeleton structure and carbon fiber material ensures the lightness of the box, while creating several times stronger robustness than steel. After three rounds of professional collision-proof test, the whole box has not been deformed at all, thus realizing the perfect unity of lightweight and robustness.

      Carbon fibre speaker box

      From the perspective of speaker production, heavy material helps to suppress the excessive vibration of the speaker unit, but the heavy box itself also retains some vibration, which eventually slows down the response of the speaker. Modern audio aesthetics pays attention to fast, instantaneous words need to reduce the residence, light and strong box has become the development goal of modern speaker box. Wilson Benesch Audio speakers in Britain began to use carbon fiber and magnesium-aluminum alloy frame combination to make speaker boxes, which also opened the process of carbon fiber as a new material for speaker boxes.

      Until recently Magico M6 in the United States began to adopt a large number of new technologies. The six sides of the inner box were made of six half-inch thick carbon fibre sheets, which increased the overall strength by tens of times, reduced the total weight by 50%, and reduced the size proportion by 30%. At the same time, because of the high natural frequency of carbon fibers, shock absorption. High performance, so this kind of box is excellent in reducing noise.

     Carbon fibre automobile case

     Carbon fiber 9.6m carriage is 9650x2550x2860mm in size, but the whole carriage weighs only 1.6 tons. The chassis is designed with through beam. With thinner carbon fiber carriage, the volume of the box can reach 64.6 cubic meters, and the loading and unloading efficiency is higher with hydraulic fencing vehicle. The optimized air resistance coefficient of the compartment is reduced from 0.8 to 0.61, which can save a certain amount of fuel consumption. Carbon fiber material box shape, also appears very beautiful atmosphere.

    Source: Intelligent New Materials