Standardized production workshop

2019-09-17 15:35:28 56


Jiangsu Carbon Craftsman Composite Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a new company mainly engaged in carbon fiber products. It is always committed to the production and development of products, making all the carbon fiber products you need.

The company has its own forming system by introducing overseas Chinese specialist technology in the United States. It can complete the product forming well with the regular heating FRP mould. The improved light RTM process has its own unique technology and opinions for the special-shaped parts forming. It can also choose different forming processes according to the different requirements of the products.

Carbon Craftsman Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces carbon fiber motorcycle parts shell, carbon fiber automotive interior and exterior accessories, carbon fiber specimens clip, UAV shell, custom-made CA products, Taiwan's high-end letter desk, carbon fiber cover, and other carbon fiber special-shaped parts, refitted parts. At present, automobile and motorcycle parts have been exported to the United States, Germany and other countries. Country